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  • I’m still looking for it. I assume you’re running a child theme and modifying style.css right?

    I’ll post back here when I figure it out, but I’m stumped too for the moment.

    modifying css.

    i actually have no idea how to do a child theme. thus i edit direct from the source.

    Don’t do that. You can’t update wordpress if you take that route. Restore any modifications you’ve made to Twenty Fourteen and create a child theme;

    i actually have no idea how to do a child theme. thus i edit direct from the source.

    Bad idea to start with – all of your changes will be lost by the next update!

    For how to get started with child themes please see:

    You might be better off using this plugin;

    @kmaninaustin – that plugin is great but it doesn’t target individual elements. I’m sure it will improve with time, still early days yet 🙂

    @dustyhawk – use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin (depending on how much CSS changes you want to make)

    The element you want to target is the .site:before @line 3583 of style.css.




    hi all,

    I have a follow-up question on this…Where is the element I have to modify in order to get the text within the sidebar in a different color?

    To be precise I am changing it from black to white and need to make text within the sidebar dark so it’s readable…

    Thanks in advance!

    @ben for a quicker response please open a new thread as this one is already closed as resolved.

    Also refer to to be sure you are following the forum rules.

    Nick Halsey


    I’m the author of Fourteen Colors and can confirm that the plugin will not offer options to change specific targeted elements instead of broader groups of colors. If you want to change only the sidebar background color, use .site:before, as someone mentioned before. To change the text color and link color you’ll need several selectors.

    You could always look at the CSS that Fourteen Colors generates and take the pieces you need for that, too, since it handles changing to a dark text color on a light background.



    @nick…thanks, I will have a look at the Fourteen Colors CSS then…

    @zulfikar: I had a look at the forum welcome and in case needed I will open a new post in the sub forum…and thanks for your .site-before hint!

    There are number of things other than header,footer and sidebar.They all need to be addressed.
    I think a shortcut suggested is for Twenty Fourteen color scheme is not bad.

    I’m posting Twenty Fourteen css changes as I build a new website;


    i followed kmaninaustin and Zulfikar Nore recommendations/links to do a child theme to update footer color. it worked BUT, for an existing twenty fourteen site,
    .site-footer {
    background-color: #3AD;

    knocked out the existing header image and the existing header menu. reading the page it makes it sound like nothing will be effected in the parent theme. this is my first child theme but i don’t think i deviated from the instructions.

    my test site
    the header image is gone. the menu is gone. what you see in the black header bar are the Pages i created and WP auto puts them there after it removed the menu, it’s NOT from the Menu system.
    (what you see in the thin blue bar is the “Dropdown Menu Widget” plugin i am tinkering with.



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    When you switch from a parent to a child theme, you need to redo theme settings and options – they are not carried over – it’s like switching to any other new theme. You should be able to redo the header image and reselect that menu quite easily.

    If you have additional questions about this, please start a new thread since this thread is already resolved.

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