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    Plugin works great, but I need to change the “Local Pickup” label on the checkout page to “Branch,” but I can’t find which file to edit?
    Thank you

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  • Nazreen


    @graphicimprints The developer of this plugin is either died or in a coma. Navigate to Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping > WC Pickup Store: Shipping Method Title (Here you can add whatever the damn title you prefer

    Thanks for your help! Yes, I’ve already changed the shipping method, but I need to change the wording below that on the checkout page that says “Local Pickup” next to the dropdown of stores that I entered.

    Plugin Author Keylor Mendoza


    Hello guys, no, I have not died yet @nazreenexe but only busy a lot these days 🙂

    @graphicimprints this label can be translated using the .pot of the plugin language. I’ve not added a filter only for this option, but if you want to change the English value you could try to create a new en_US language file with that new label.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything else, I’ve been writing you back in the way I can.


    Thanks for the response!
    I just changed the wps-functions.php file and that worked.

    Plugin Author Keylor Mendoza


    Yes, that works @graphicimprints but it’s not a good practice to edit the plugins or WP core files because in the next release the file will be overwritten.

    I would add a custom filter for this label in the future to edit it easily from your local custom functions.


    Is it difficult to add a custom filter? I have no idea how.

    Plugin Author Keylor Mendoza


    @graphicimprints this is the official docs for filter

    In this case, I will add a custom filter wps_store_checkout_label in the line you have edited:

    <th><strong><?php echo apply_filters('wps_store_checkout_label', __('Local pickup', WPS_TEXTDOMAIN)) ?></strong></th>

    Then, it can be overriden in your code like this:

    function keylorcr_wps_store_checkout_label( $label ) {
    	return __('My new custom label', 'textdomain');
    add_filter('wps_store_checkout_label', 'keylorcr_wps_store_checkout_label');

    This will be added to the core of the plugin in the next release, so if you want to keep your custom label just use these snippets.

    Hope it helps


    Perfect! Thanks so much for your help!

    Hi Keylor,

    Many thanks for your plugin. I’m hoping to achieve the same as above but also change the label of the drop down list from ‘Select a store’.

    We are a company that deliver to a list of 15-20 local schools on a weekly basis, and I am hoping I to use your plugin to allow parents/students to select their school for free delivery.

    For this to make sense it would be really great if I could make the following changes to the checkout labels.

    Local Pickup > School Delivery
    Select a store > Select your school

    I have tried altering wps-functions.php as a temporary solution but I get an error.

    Any advice or assiatnce you can offer would be very much appreciated.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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