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  • Hello,

    I had WordPress set up on a test server. I then moved it across to my main server, importing the db with phpmyadmin.

    I needed to go into the phpmyadmin to change the URL and Home URL (see <😉
    Both URLS are set to <;

    While switching servers WordPress apparently did an upgrade.

    Now, my site main page works, but none of the links or pages.

    Even new content made now does not link properly, for example ‘Contact Page’ I successfully made with current settings in admin, but the link from the main page still doesn’t. the pages still exist if I go to edit them.

    My wordpress admin works again now (although it only half worked until I uploaded the folders from my hard drive once more) presumably over riding word press upgrade?

    Any advice?


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  • Could be something with the permalinks. Try updating permalink structure with your current settings. If that doesn’t work, try the defualt setting. If you’re unlucky, your new host doesn’t have mod_rewrite to support permalinks.


    You’re trying to use permalinks – check out this article: – I’d look at .htaccess area

    Check/refresh permalinks? –

    thanks for the advice.

    I changed permalinks. No.
    I manually added an htacsess file. No.
    I CHMOD this to 666 so WP could do it automatically (although my ftp still shows as -rw-) NO.

    Permalinks still didn’t work, so I guess my server has high security on it.

    So I have reverted to default links for the time being.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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