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  • Hi guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong category on the forum. I bought the Vantage theme from Appthemes, view here

    Theme is awesome in many ways but the search results are much too vague. When you create a listing with the theme you specify tags for the listing. What I want to know is how do I make it so the search results for the theme only look at and bring back results for the tags listed for each listing.

    Right now if someone searched for Italian, Restaurant, New York for example any listing with the words New York, Italian or Restaurant will come up in the listing results. It’s way too broad. I just want the specified tags to come up then I’ll make sure anyone creating a listing includes tags specific to their listing ie. New York, Restaurant, Italian. That completely solves my problem.

    Sorry if this is a bit repetitive. Can anyone tell me what code I need to find and change in the theme or maybe what css I can add to my ‘style.css’ file in the editor to get the search results I want? I’ve tried several times on the Appthemes forum but can’t get an answer on this seemingly simple hack. Thanks for your time.

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    I don’t think this is theme related, though it could be, I’m unfamiliar with the theme. It would explain the lack of response.

    It won’t be related to CSS either. You need to alter the search query to search for tags instead of in content. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to do this. However, there are a few plugins that expand the search capabilities. You could examine their code to get a clue on where to make the alteration.

    Someone here may come up with the solution, but you may as well poke around on your own while you wait for a response better than mine.

    If i am not wrong ,this might have asked in the apptheme premium theme support forum. but I am not impressed by the support they provided (shall i say No support) even though you are paying the yearly membership prices.
    The themes are not SEO friendly , performance are below average (check with page rank or Yslow) , high pricing , no support for popular plugins and caches, shameless branding in the footer and directory names , no options for export of settings , common coding questions will be unattended.
    Appthemes are not next thing for wordpress but it is a big NO for the open source wordpress dream and you have to opt for the appthemes market place for any basic improvement (plugins , child theme , support ).

    Hi 4KeysDigital, please ask your question in our forum. One of our support gurus will be happy to assist you.

    @homedes, not sure where you got your info. Our themes are SEO-friendly and built for performance. They support all sorts of popular plugins and the footer links can always be removed.

    If you’re a customer as well, please share your thoughts in our forum so we can point you in the right direction.

    Hi David. Thanks for the response. I have asked the question several times on your forum, including here and several other people are asking about the same issue without any resolution. Instead of responding to me here can you please answer the question properly on your forum for us? Thanks for your time.

    Will do 4KeysDigital.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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