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  • Looks like it’s unreferenced aside from the feed generation files. Meaning you’ll need to actually modify the database with something like phpMyAdmin.

    That’s bad enough for those of us who want to make things more specific, but what about people who blog in another language? That ends up producing feeds with bad metadata.

    I know it was a fight to get the feature back into WP 1.5, but without a UI to set it, it’s almost worse.

    Adding a field on the Reading>Options page, under Character Encoding, should do the trick without causing too much clutter.

    How do I find that field? I need to change from en to da to be able to use æøå

    Look for “rss_language” in the wp_options table.

    I did just that, but boy, it really added a few minutes to the famed 5-minute installation 🙂 Details like this make me keep my MT for a while longer.

    There actually is an easier way to reset options in WordPress, though I suspect the don’t want the unsuspecting breaking things reason is used to not talk about it too much.

    Just visit options.php in your WordPress admin pages:

    They’re listed alphabetically by option name, so rss_language would be a ways down.

    No, sorry Viper. Character encoding is a different issue.

    D’oh, totally misread the original post. My bad. 🙂

    There is positively no switch on the options panel of WP 1.5.2 to set the feed language. Neither could I find anything in the database’s options table to switch my feed from EN to DE. Just changed it by hardcoding in wp-rss2.php, but I’m really not shure whether this is advisable on the whole.

    There *is* an rss_language option in the wp_options table. It’s near “open_proxy_check” for WP 2.0.3. No need to hack anything.

    PS: rss_language isn’t something you’d want to change frequently, so I think it could go to the wp-config file (if that isn’t possible already, I dunno).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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