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  • Soifua


    I’m writing a blog set in the future and I want to be to able to publish posts in the year 3305 instead of 2019. I know I can install a plug-in that will allow me to publish future scheduled posts, and I have done that. However, what I would prefer is to simply change the base year of the blog and have post dates set correctly without manual intervention. Is there a way to do this? I suspect there’s a simply way to do this by editing the php but I don’t know how or where to do it.


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  • Joy


    Someone else was asking a similar question using really old dates. Old dates have a problem with calendar changes and with timestamps using 1970 as a base. I don’t know if there are problems with dates that far forward (timestamps are in seconds since 1970, so would that overflow the storage allocated for it?).

    The Settings > General page lets you choose a time zone, but not a date, so a plugin would have to intercept wherever WordPress gets the time, and that could be buried in the database code. There is a developer that is working on standardizing all the date and time code. You can see that here:

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