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    I have a product-group consisting of multiple tickets for an event with each ticket choice representing a different time for the event. These are all listed in the product group page, allowing the ability to buy multiple ticket times at once. Each ticket item has its own quantity selector. By default, this selector is set to 0 for each item, and you can increase the quantity of multiple items; this is working as expected. However, if you change your mind on an item that you have increased, the selector will not let you return the quantity value to 0. Additionally, if you select the “-” button to decrease the item quantity, and it is already set to 0, it will change to 1. The only way to reset the quantity value for an item to 0, once it has been changed, is to select it with the cursor and manually type it in. Is this a bug, bad design or user error?


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  • I would imagine that if you have added the item into the cart that it is impossible to order 0 items therefore it doesn’t allow you to have 0 items in the cart. You would need to delete the item from your cart rather than set the quantity to zero.

    Well, that’s just it, this is before anything is added to the cart. This is just on the shopping page. There are controls for this item that allow you to select multiple SKU quantities under a single page, depending on which time-slot you want to buy tickets for. So, for instance, I can increase the 7pm ticket count to 2 AND the 9pm ticket count to 1 before I add anything to my cart, but then if I change my mind and want 3 for the 7pm but 0 for the 9pm, I cannot decrease the 9pm selection back to 0 using the controls; I have to manually change it in the text field.

    It also doesn’t account for the fact that using the controls to reduce the count of an item that is currently at 0 will actually INCREASE it to 1.

    This is the page that has the issue. This bug/design-flaw/user-error also occurs on other product pages, but since all of the other pages only have a single SKU, it doesn’t cause any issues. On the linked page, however, if you can’t restore an item to 0, you can’t add any of your desired products to your cart without manually adjusting or reloading and reselecting your desired items because it’s all-or-nothing. This issue defeats the purpose, or severely limits the purpose, of having product groups in the first place.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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