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  • Resolved ukbaz


    Hi have been tring this on a test server and all seems to be going OK apart from one thing.

    I have successfully changed the price format & currency from Euro and a , separator to £ and a . separator

    Currency format for Euro places the currency symbol after the price, whereas Currency format places symbol before the price. i.e £25.99

    Seems ti need changing in the following:
    if ($dto!=”){
    $txt_dto=number_format($dto, 2, ‘.’, ”).” £”;
    Can you show me how to get the £ in front?

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  • Plugin Author aytechnet


    Hi ukbaz,

    Can you tell me where this display does not work ? Is it specific to WordPress plugin (PrestaShop Integration) itself or the whole PrestaShop ?

    Where can I see the problème so that I can try to reproduce it or at least tell you how to fix it ?

    Kind regards,

    Hi Francois

    Its The Euro format being hard coded into imacprestashop.php in th WordPress plugin
    The code used is as follows:
    if ($dto!=”){
    $txt_dto=number_format($dto, 2, ‘,’, ”).” €”;
    As you can see above it places the Euro symbol after the numbers
    Rendering price of 25.99, € in Euros correctly
    But using £s
    The price displays as 25.99, £
    but should be £25.99

    Hope that clarifies

    Best regards

    Plugin Author aytechnet


    There are no currency hardcoded in my plugin for what I remenber, but I may have missing something. Anyway, there are no imacprestashop.php file inside it. Maybe you used another plugin instead of mine ?

    Kind regards, François.

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