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    Hello, i’m pretty new to this plugin but not at all with wp and php/css/html.. i wish i could make users predict not the result of the match but just like betting sites they would predict matches result like (1 = Home Win, X = Draw, 2 = Guest Win)
    Then they would not put the result in the form but just 1 X or 2, how can i make this?

    And i would also like to know how can i change or make flags view well.. i uploaded 16×16 flags but they not display well at all (you can see on the linked page)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    PS: I basically want they predict and get just totopoints: it means they don’t predict the result but just the match end (just like toto-points works!)

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    Firstly the flags. The image is stretched to the full width of the container (possibly from your theme styling), so you’ll have to add some extra styling to fix this, e.g.

    .matchinfo.new-layout img.flag {
        width: auto;

    Then the prediction type. There are two different approaches. First one is based on javascript where you simply change the front-end of the form. The rest of the plugin stays the same. Relatively simple and I already have an example that changes the form to a “pick a winner” format (it does not have the option to also select a draw). But it shows the idea and maybe you can use it to build your idea from. Under the hood the plugin stores the predictions as 1-0 (home team winning), 0-1 (visitors winning) and 1-1 (draw). Then set the toto points to whatever you want and full score to zero.

    Big disadvantage is that it happens on the front-end and other parts of the plugin are not affected, e.g. the stats pages will show the predictions of the users as 1-0, 0-1, etc.

    Second option is to overwrite the templates in the plugin with PHP. There are filters that allow you to overwrite the form and also the stats page with your own HTML (some basic examples can be found in the first post of the forum). This will be more work, but in the end will give you more flexibility to change the plugin.

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    Huge THANKS! I’ll try and let you know, i’ll then make this post “solved”, thanks again, see u later

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