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  • If the name you want is already registered as an editor/admin, you can use the Post author dropdpown at the bottom of the Edit Post page.


    If you would like to change the author for more than one post then go to the edit posts in wordpress admin the post and select bulk edit from drop down and change the author..


    Shane G.

    I can’t find this “bulk edit” function. Can you please be more detailed on where in the admin area I start, how I select the post, and where this drop down is? Do I go to the post itself and then find a “bulk edit” on that page? Do I find it on the page that lists all the posts? Do I select all the posts?

    I need to change 70 posts from author “admin” to my username.



    Here is the perfect steps:

    1) Login into wordpress admin area.
    2) Click on Edit in the Posts section.
    3) Select the posts for which you need to edit the author details.
    4) From the top there is drop down for bulk actions -> select edit and apply.
    5) Now, you can change author, comment, status, pings, sticky, categories etc..,
    6) After changing the value of on update posts..

    That’s it!


    Shane G.

    Is there a way to get wordpress to show me more than 15 posts at a time? Thanks!

    when you are displaying the posts, just click on the author field “admin” and you will only see the posts with admin as the author

    OK, I found the solution – when I’m viewing the posts list, there’s a link at the top for “screen options”, and clicking on that opens up a section where I can specify how many posts to show on each page. Then I could change all the posts in one action.


    Just go to Users Panel in WP mate probably go here

    and then just delete the user you need and during the confirmation it will ask you Whether to delete all Posts made by user to transfer to other user then select the transfer option and just choose your requires user name
    That’s It…

    When I click on the bulk edit, there is not option for author…just tags, comments, status, pings, sticky. Where is the author? It is there when I look at them individually, but not as bulk. I am running 2.8.6

    thanks for any help possible

    I also don’t see a way to bulk edit the author. The Codex says it is possible, but the field doesn’t appear to be there. I’m running 2.9. Did that feature get removed or is there some other finesse required?

    I agree with Eric. It looks like that feature got removed which is a real pain.

    I found the issue. You have to list the User as an “author”. If you don’t the field won’t show up.

    I hope this helps.

    That tip to change the User status to Author did the trick for me — was finally able to see the list of authors to select after doing so. Thanks!

    Here’s what I did. I went to Users > Users & Authors, then clicked Edit under admin. Then I added a name and indicated what it should show for a screen name (my name instead of admin). It changed all my posts. Yay!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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