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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris



    You need to set the WP_LANG constant in your wp-config.php to the desired locale (see for details).

    i found the wplang, and edit it accordingly,
    but it didnt change anything. 🙁

    any ideas??


    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    So nothing was translated? Not even WordPress core? What did you change the WP_LANG constant to?

    nope, nothing changed.
    this is the line i have changed:
    i changed the following line in wp-config.php:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘he-IL’);

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Ah, it should be he_IL.

    ok, so i changed it to ‘he_IL’, but still nothing changed.

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    I’ve just checked, it seems large parts of Event Organiser are not translated into Hebrew. (This is done by volunteers: However, if you’ve got the translation files for Hebrew for WordPress core then you should be seeing (most of the rest) of WordPress being translated, and the admin changing to RTL.

    If you don’t have Hebrew translation installed you can download WordPress from here: Once downloaded you’ll find the files in wp-content/languages.

    is there any way i can change the agenda widget text to display hebrew instead of english?

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Are you referring to the ‘all day’ text? If so, yes by adding a valid/complete .po & .mo file to the languages folder.

    As far as I’m aware the Hebrew translation of Event Organiser is incomplete. Translations are provided by volunteers.

    nope, i’m refering to the following text in agenda widget:
    Wednesday, 5th February

    is there any way to change the text there??

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    You can change the date format in the widget options.

    The actual date text should be translated (assuming you have the appropriate translations files. Note, dates are translated by WordPress core and not event-organiser-{locale}.mo).

    thanks anyways 🙂




    I cannot active the spanish translation, even if this language exists in the event organiser language folder. I’m using polylang plugin, multisite wordpress and the free version of event organiser. I’m probably missing something… any ideas?

    I’m temporarily using a plan b to continue the development of my blog, by editing all the event organiser templates. It’s almost done, but I still have a problem with the event_meta_list on the taxonomy-event-category.php. Actually, I really don’t know where or ho edit this “event_meta_list”.

    You can see the site here

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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