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  • Hi!
    Normally if you used “featured image” or the image is inserted correctly, we should replace the image.
    Has it fixed itself?



    Sorry for not answering sooner, my website was down.
    If I use featured image, it inserts the picture on the very top of my website, as a big picture and i don’t want that. I just want it in my article.

    Also, what i do when i insert a picture is just ADD MEDIA => INSERT MEDIA => INSERT INTO POST

    That’s it.

    For example if i switch from a picture of a DOG to a CAT, your plugin will keep displaying the picture of a dog :/ I tried again. Now i disabled it until i fix this issue because it makes problems with another plugin but it’s fine.

    Do you have any idea of what it’s the thing i’m doing wrong or maybe i’m not doing anything wrong and there is a problem πŸ™‚


    I’m having the same problem where the thumbnails on some related posts are showing an image from one of the pictures in the middle of my post.

    For example:

    Scroll down to the related posts. The images for the Chinese Orange Chicken and the Kung Pao Chicken are one of the “prep” instruction pictures, not the first/main image of the post. I don’t know what determines when the correct picture shows versus when the wrong one shows, I do everything the same way each time. When I add a new recipe post I insert a picture in the the very top, then start adding text and more pictures to follow. Most of the of time the thumbnails pull the very first picture. But in some instances, like the examples above, it randomly pulls from other ones from within the middle of the post.

    I don’t want to use the featured image option either for the same reason Sonia gave.

    Please help!


    Hello, xdaseinx, are you still there??

    Sonia, did you ever get this issue resolved?

    The related posts as well as popular posts are both pulling the wrong images. Sometimes the first image that’s posted is pulled (that’s the one I want it to post) but other times it pulls one from within the middle or end of the post.

    Please help!


    No solution so far… Like you, i’m waiting for an answer πŸ™

    Sorry for the long wait. You can set the image you want to use as Featured (and remove it from template). You can also try using custom fields.
    Sorry I don’t have a better solution right now.


    What do you mean by “remove it from the template”? As I already mentioned, I specifically don’t want to use the Featured Image setting as it changes the visual appearance of the post.

    Xdaseinx, what do you mean by “remove it from the template?”

    Plugin Author Zemanta



    First of all β€” sorry for not getting back to you anytime earlier! With sudden upgrades, development problems and unexpected short service downtime in the last week, we just weren’t able to reply all our support email until now. Crazy times, terrible, I know!

    As for your problem β€” I can understand the the featured image is not the wanted (or viable) solution for your blog-theme right now, but the custom field option just might be that what you are looking for. Read more about it after the jump.

    The thing is, your theme is specific, because it needs two featured images, because of the “nature” of your banner. That’s why you need to set up yourself the option of ‘Custom fields’. Follow the steps below on how to enable this (I’ve attached a screenshot for easier navigation as well).

    First, go to the create-new-post page or β€” even better β€” in one of your previous already-published-posts. On the right top corner you should see the ‘Screen Options’ button; click on it for the drop-down menu to open. After that, tick the box next to ‘Custom Fields’.

    Now you should be able to see a new box below the editor called ‘Custom Fields’. Create new custom field, name your image that you would later like to use it as a thumbnail for this specific post (something like “Featured thumbnail”), enter the URL of the image you would like to use and finish with the click on the button “Add Custom Field”. Of course, don’t forget to save this draft, or publish the post when you’re ready.

    After that, visit the settings of (y)our plugin and scroll down to the bottom. The option called “Use custom field for thumbnails” should now be available, tick the box next to it, and select the value you’ve set up before.

    Now, the important thing is this: the value of the Custom Field stays the same for every new post, while the URL of the image (obviously) changes. In other words: the name of the Custom Field stays the same, images change. That’s because once you set up your settings in the plugin settings (when you choose which value our the Custom Field our plugin should use for the thumbnails), you won’t have to change it again in the future.

    Once you have set this up, you just add a Custom Field with every new post, set the image you want to use for the thumbnail, while the name stays the same. Also worth noting is that you should keep the images you want to use for thumbnails as square as possible and that they’re not too big. The perfect size would be 150×150 pixels, but that is not that crucial. Just don’t use the biggest images you can find, because this can return you some problems.

    Sorry for this long, too-long comment and pleaseΒ β€” do not hesitate to get back to me if anything was unclear or if you have any kind of additional questions. I’ll be more than glad!

    Looking forward to your reply! Take care!


    Hi Silvo, thank you for the response. Question on the custom thumbnail, once I create a custom field named featured thumbnail, for example, going forward, will I have to use this field to help the plug-in identify a thumbnail to use or is this just optional. In other words, if I don’t fill in the featured thumbnail with a url, will the plug-in work anyway and select an image? I only want to use it when the image is wrong, otherwise, I’ll just let the plug-in do it’s job.

    Also, once I create the custom field, featueed thumbnail, will this affect past posts? Would I have to go back to old posts and assign a thumbnail?

    I went ahead and tried it. It’s a great solution, plus it gives you more control on the selected thumbnail. Thanks!

    Hey, glad you figured it out yourself and that it worked out the way you wanted! Really! πŸ™‚

    As always β€” if you have any questions or if you stumble upon any problems (hope not, though!), do not hesitate to let us know! We’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


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