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  • Hi.

    I want to change my permalinks structure without having the complete site with 404 errors.

    I have %postname% and want to change that to something else, so new posts have date and post or date, category and post.

    if I just change it, my 5000 articles will go to 404 instantly.

    How can I change it and make wordpress know the old ones now have the new structure and redirect there ?


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  • f I just change it, my 5000 articles will go to 404 instantly

    nope…WP handles the redirects

    I changed my structure recently, all is well…

    check it out… here’s an internal link I have in one of my posts

    check the url when you visit the site….

    Are you positive on that ?

    Anyone else that please confirm this ?


    as positive as can be…. I mean, I just showed you a link that obviously redirects to a new permalink structure….
    last paragraph of that write-up tends to agree….

    Fortunately those days are long gone, as WordPress now automagically handles all the redirecting for you when making changes to the general structure of your permalinks (via the Settings > Permalinks options in the WordPress Admin). All you need to do is change the setting to whatever structure you would like and WordPress takes care of the rest. Just remember to backup your database and htaccess file before making any changes.

    Hmm, I will give this a try.

    The problem is that having all the incoming links dead instantly its really bad for the site in case it does not work.

    If someone else has any experience with this, please share.

    Thanks for your answer Rev.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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