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  • Sorry to be entirely stupid but I just registered on and got this totally ugly password that I’d like to change. I don’t see anyplace to do that however …

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    after you login there is a link to your profile on the top of every forum page >> It says “View your profile”. Follow that link. From there there is an edit link. Follow that link, and scroll down. Change your password.

    Wow that was hard to find. I had to google this page to find out how to change my password. That ‘view profile’ link doesn’t show up when yoyu first login, or from the plugins area of the website.

    i googled it too, 4th result… 🙁

    Haha… I googled it, too.

    Usability, folks. Usability.

    I don’t get it. I clicked on my “view your profile” link, then the “edit” link, and there is the box to change my password right at the bottom of my profile page. How much more usability could you add? Maybe it takes a while to show up on a new account? I guess I don’t know.
    Oh, well.

    Maybe it takes a while to show up on a new account?

    No…it’s there from the start…

    If you register with as I did, as a requirement before being allowed to download themes on the website, and you then log in on that page, there is no indication anywhere on the page about a profile.

    If you then navigate to the home page, or to the WordPress Extend home page, you don’t find any link to a profile on those pages, either.

    If you then search within the website for how to change the password, you get help on how to change passwords on your personally administered wordpress site.

    So then, you probably do what I and the other posters in this thread did: use Google to discover the secret.

    No. We’re not a bunch of blind idiots. Depending on what part of the website you’re visiting when you register, you may or may not find an obvious link to a profile where you can change the password.

    I wouldn’t have written this, but several posts in the thread imply that this is a user problem, and it is not; the profile link is absent from places where it ought to be (e.g., the home page, other key “home” pages, any page the user arrives at upon logging in).

    The user should not have to guess which page(s) to visit to discover a link to his/her profile.

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    I agree completely — this should be prominently displayed on every page once you’re logged in.. I still can’t find it!



    I agree – I registered on the ‘extend -> plugins’ section, and there is no ‘view your profile’ link. Googling led me here, but without that, I’d have had no idea.

    1) Every place it says my account name and ‘log out’, the ‘view my profile’ link should show up.
    2) When I am logged in and I view my own profile (by clicking my username) from the plugins section, it takes me to my public profile. When I am logged in, this should take me to my private profile with edit links.

    I agree with the last few commenters here… I had to Google to find this page, and then had to hunt around to actually get the “View your profile” link to appear. This should be displayed at the top of every page in the dark gray bar.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    Same thing here. Never found the View profile link in other sections of this web site. I haved to search in Google… Too bad !!

    Same. The View Profile link is not present on the Extend section of the site, where I created my account. From what I can tell the link is only visible on the Forums section of the site — which is the destination most people go to when they Google this problem. Yes – it’s up there now, but that only because this post is in the Forums section of the site.

    Thanx to google )




    Bloody ridiculous! You get an email with the subject line, “ Themes Password” and a password in Martian and the text says, “You can now log in to

    You follow the link and having logged in, apparently with a special password just to access themes, there is NO link anywhere to anything to do with a profile or users – nothing. It is like you are NOT logged in.

    You are certainly not led to believe that you have been issued with a password for all of WordPress – just access to themes. And then there is no way to change it into a human language.

    I got here by searching for “change password” after “theme password change” didn’t come up with anything useful, which baffled me.

    I have spent a happy couple of days familiarising myself with WordPress on, which is very easy to navigate, and did not expect to find this sort of careless, sloppy, obstructive design on

    I hope to goodness that this is not an indication of the way things are implemented on or I have made a BIG mistake in choosing WordPress – what an introduction 🙁

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