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  • How would I be able to change WP 1.5 changes from ?page_id=# to ?page=NAMEOFTHEPAGEHERE. Is that possible? Or is it possible to change it to ?page=# instead/

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  • Bump..

    When you create a new “about” page, your database assigns it an address something like this: example: …../index.php?page_id=7 – This is the address to your virtual “About” page and you can link to that “About” page by using this address.

    You can change the way the address looks in your browser location bar from this:


    to this:


    by going into your admin panel and under “options” select “permalinks” and enter the display information in the “structure box”
    I use this structure:


    and then press the “update permalink structure” button.

    For category base, I put in /category/ so how would I make all the categories work in /category/?

    Major bump 🙂

    Im interested in how you could change page_id to something else (like just page), as well as changing the parameter for it from the ID to perhaps the page’s slug.

    Theres a site (not using wordpress) that does something like this:

    Any ideas?

    Before “major bumping” a more than a year old(!) post it is always a wise idea to read in the Codex: Using_Permalinks

    sorry, I re-read my post and it doesnt seem particularly clear 😛
    I had read the permalinks codex entry before, but it deals with hiding the underlying parameter query. I dont want to hide it at all – I simply want to change the parameters’ name and accepted values.

    For example: the default structure is for posts, and for Pages, it’s

    I want to change this so for example post links are, and pages come up as (the parameter being changed from their post ID to their post slug).

    I hope that’s slightly clearer 🙂

    just a quick extra – I realise for pages and the like I could indeed have a permalink structure that would change the to However, for the way I am using pages, there is an unfortunate overlap in that permalink structure and subdirectories on the site.
    Further, while it would be possible to construct a permalink structure to avoid this conflict, I would really much rather change the parameters for the query.

    Simply put, it probably wouldn’t be easy. You’re better off changing your permalink structure.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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