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  • Sumit1988


    Hello everyone

    i have a multisite-setup (6 blogs/sites). This network is for a multilanguage website. Works like a charm.

    In the used theme i have stuff like a “featured product” section on the landing page. In this section i want to display the summary of a given page, called via page-ID.
    If the user now changes the language (switched to an other network-blog), this section will be empty because the created “featured-product”-site has not the same ID as the one in the first network-blog.
    So i need for example a page width the ID=125 on every blog. Then, i can call the page?id=125 in the theme, and it’ll be the same page in every blog.

    The question is: is there a way to manipulate the page-ID preferably without manually accessing it through the mySQL database?

    Another suggestion to create a page on each blog and give them some kind of the same identifier so i can call it (them) from the theme used in every network-site would also be very appreciated.

    thanks in advance

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