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  • I use this plugin in almost every site. So I like this plugin very much.
    I only have a small question.

    I’m making a portfolio website and it’s important to make changes in the order of the appearance of the pictures. I use NextGen’s gallery to manage the pictures in WP Supersized. There is the option to change the order of the pictures in a certain folder.
    But these changes aren’t visible in WP Supersized.

    Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Or isn’t this possible in this version?

    I hope you can help me.

    Greets, Mark

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  • Plugin Author Benoit De Boeck


    Thanks for using WP Supersized in several sites. It is a pleasure to see that it can be so useful!

    It seems that I have been too optimistic about the capabilities of the glob() function in php… I thought that it would always return the filenames in alphabetical order. But maybe it is not the case so I have now added a sort function in my code. It will be implemented in the next update, coming today probably.

    I must confess that I do not know how NextGen is changing the order of the pictures. If this is through changing the filename, then this will be reflected in the alphabetical order of the slides filenames (at least in the upcoming new version). If not, then I will need to delve into the workings of NextGen to improve this.

    Hey Mark, I was pondering on a similar idea you mentioned – use Nextgen to manage the images for WP Supersized. Would you mind sharing with me how you did it?

    Hi Benoit De Boeck,

    Thanks for adding the sort function in the new update.
    I think it will work when I change the filenames. But when I do that, NextGen can’t find the images. So it’s a problem of NextGen.

    What is the usual way to upload and edit the superslides?
    Is it possible with the media library to do that?
    Because I use image-folders for each wordpress page.

    Greets, Mark

    Plugin Author Benoit De Boeck


    As I want full control of what happens with my pictures, I always use ftp (Filezilla) to upload my images to my website.
    The current version of WP Supersized does not allow the use of the Media Gallery but I am working on a new version that will allow this. I will certainly also have a look at the interaction with NextGen.
    It will also allow the use of xml files to define options separately for each post/page but also to have full control of the title and link for each image. This should also be helpful for users with particular WordPress installations that do not seem to be well recognized by my plugin so far.

    Hi Benoit,

    Wow, you are still building on supersized. The plugin is getting better and better!
    Thanks for that!

    We talked about to order the pictures in combination with the Nextgen picture gallery. In combination with the wordpress gallery it works fine now.
    I’m using this module again on another site, and now I only use the wordpress gallery. It works like a sharm!

    I have only one question. At every page I use the ‘SupersizedDir extra field’
    That works. It takes the pictures form that page. But also the ‘featured image’
    Actually I don’t want the featured image in the background. Can you tell me if there is a way to exclude the featured image?
    If I have to change something in the code, it’s no problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Benoit De Boeck


    Yes, I’m still trying to improve WP Supersized!
    The next update will include NextGen Gallery support (on top of several small bug fixes).

    About your question, if you are using the WP gallery images, you can exclude the featured image by adding the following code in the WPSupersized.php file:
    In function images_from_wpgallery($post_ID) (sorry, line numbers have changed in the update I’m working on), just before $images = get_children(array(, add:
    $featured_image_id = get_post_thumbnail_id( $postid ); // gets the featured image id, in case you want to get rid of it.
    And just beneath this, as the last line of the array of the get_children function, add:
    'exclude' => $featured_image_id, // if you want to exclude the featured image from the displayed images

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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