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  • Changing my theme has given me a bit of a puzzle and I am not sure how to sort it out.

    Here is my development site:

    The CSS is a bit tricky because the color scheme throughout the site is based on the logo. So I have built those colors in to the design with the menu, image borders on the splash page and h2 elements.

    Originally I had a couple of parent pages with a few child pages in them. The original menu had the top menu item as the parent and the child pages as the drop-downs. Now the new menu structure uses the parent page as the top menu item but it doesn’t link to the page.

    I am quite happy with the new structure but need to bring the parent pages back in to the site. I want to work out the best way to do that.

    I think that I need to create a new parent page and save that. Then move the old parent page to become a child of that new parent. But now I get a bit confused.

    1) I don’t like the idea of having an empty page to just be a menu item.
    2) Should I add a redirect to point the old parent to the new child?



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  • OK I’m going to have another go at this.

    I realise now that I can just add a link to make the top level of the menu. This leaves another problem.

    I am styling page elements on page ID (no child) and Parent ID (child). If use a link as the top-level menu item, I have no parent. I can create a parent but keep them all as sub menu items of the link but I am wondering if that will create any difficulties further down the line?


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