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  • Hey gang,

    How can I go about changing the Navbar to display Page links, instead of Category links? I didn’t notice that as a theme option, so I suspect i have to jump into the header code to adjust.


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  • Followup, I suspect it lies in this code. I’m not good at PHP (yet), but it looks like in the If statement.. there’s a line of code that says “If TopNav_Display = Pages”

    That sounds as if there would be a spot to select the topnav menu type in the admin, but I don;t see it.

    Any advice?

    if (arras_get_option(‘topnav_display’) == ‘pages’) {
    } else if (arras_get_option(‘topnav_display’) == ‘linkcat’) {
    } else {

    Another update…

    I’m using wordpress 3.
    I deleted all the custom menu’s as an experiment, and when doing so, the nav bar was empty.

    I created a custom menu of pages, an then that custom menu automatically appeared in the nav bar.

    I then created a custom menu of categories, and then that gained priority and appeared in the nav bar instead of my pages menu.

    Is this an incompatibility with wordpress 3?
    is it just showing the last custom menu made?

    I love this theme, but simple menu control is starting to drive me nuts :>

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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