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  • Although it’s a pain I think the best way forward is to install WordPress again in the correct directory.

    Here is a guide if you want to keep the /wordpress directory though;

    I did it, I just copied all the installation files to to the subdirectory I intended. Then I logged in to the initial wp installation and changed the WordPress Address (URL)and Site Address (URL). It promted a log in to the copy of the site and all seems good.

    But I’m confused, I don’t understand how I made the first installation become the second installation.. if that’s what happened…? They have the same wp-config, using the same database.
    But I couldn’t access the copy untill I changed the URL and Site Address in the original. What is it that’s happening here? Is a copy different from a new install? how does the server know the difference? Any insite would be appriciated. Still pretty ignorant about how wp works on a server. I’m used to easy Flash sites with no data base. Just point the url and go.

    I deleted the original site and all’s still good. Thanks for the input Rifty.

    I successfully changed the name of my WP install folder (, with one hitch. All of my pages pointed correctly to other pages, but when I clicked on “blog” (the main/post page) from any static page, it tried to go back to the old URL ( I suspect this may be an issue with my theme? Maybe one particular php file is not being updated properly with the new URL? Any idea how I could fix this (I changed back to the original name for now so my blog would function properly; when I get this problem solved, I’ll consider changing the name again).


    still not my expertice, but I think the first paragraph applies:
    I think renaming your installation is the equivilant of moving it.

    Yes, that’s what I did, but I only changed the WordPress address (URI)and the Site address (URL). I did not bother with any of the other instructions having to do with the permalinks and so forth, and that’s probably what I need to do.

    Thanks for weighing in. You’re probably right on.


    after you made the url changes in admin settings, did you then rename your install folder to match?

    you might also check your.htaccess file in your install root. Make sure it hads the correct directory name.

    Actually, ALL I had to do differently was go into my menus and manually change the URL of the home page/blog. Now it all works fine. My blog is renamed and lives in an appropriately named folder! Thanks for your help–you really did help!


    nice, easier than I remember. It’s always a hard one for me because I just don’t do it often. good to review.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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