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  • Hey all, I know this has been asked hundreds of times, and I have done the research on how to do it, supposedly, but it’s not working for me. I hope that someone can help me out with why. So I have done exactly what this blog post says to do: I want the second option of: define( ‘UPLOADS’, ”.’files’ ); Like www. mysite. com/newfolder/ I don’t want it to say anything about wp in the url at all. After doing so, I go to a blog post and try to upload an image for the FEATURED IMAGE. It looks like the images are uploading fine, but when the upload bar is complete, there is no image shown. The image name is there though. I go ahead and save as the FEATURED IMAGE anyway, and then check the post. No image shown. I go to my newly created folder on my server, and the images look to be there in the folder. Very odd. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks!

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