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  • theillustrator



    Is it possible to change the Caption text size?

    Scenario: Upload images to Media Library. Write an image text/Caption. Open a page (or blog) and add an image to the page (or blog).

    In this scenario a Caption text, I often see it as an important byline text underneath an image saying something about the image, and who took the photo or illustrated the image, and maybe a copyrigth symbol. (And good for SEO of course).

    Situation today: I have a client who feel the caption text is too big. Its the same text/font size as the Paragraph text.

    I solve this rigth now by manually go to the page (or blog), and manually write a text to the image and change text case/size/caption to “Heading 6”.

    Best would be if that was possible in the Media Library or the Theme Options Typograpy section.

    If this is a Premium feature, I totally respect and get that. If not, then I feel this would be very helpfull and definitely time saving.

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  • Kevin



    This is possible with some simple CSS. Can you please post a link to where you’ve set this up so that I can give you the correct CSS?




    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry for late reply.

    Big thanks for helping out. It would be a global rule/setting. Meaning each page on the clients website. So if this would be able to get, it would be great. The only solution right now, is that i chose “Heading 6” for that. And change it manually per page. Its okey, but now when the client slowly will move over to have staff managing the site more or less, in a few weeks from now, it wont work so good.

    The website address is (And for unecessary knowledge, yep, I created the logo as well 🙂



    Actually, I remember now, its the Virtue theme I use for my client, not Ascend. Sorry.

    Hi Kevin,

    I tried changing the caption text, with CSS. I used someone elses code, and hoped for the best. Not sure if it actually works. I glare and stare at the text. I changed the font size between 10pt and 12 pt.

    If you see this thread, would you consider this the code to use with Ascend?

    Here it is:

    .wp-caption-text {
    font-size: 10px;

    It seems to adjust well . I just checked again and refreshed the browser.

    Glad you got it sorted out. That CSS should work just fine.


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