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  • ha! downloaded and found it –

    for others: [theme folder]/simple-changelog.txt

    v1.1.7 – Remove custom-header and editor-style tags as they don’t apply

    v1.1.6 – Fixed errors reported from new sanitize functions

    v1.1.5 – Updated sanitize functions in theme options panel

    v1.1.4 – Removed duplicate banner element mistakenly added in last update

    v1.1.3 – Fixed broken responsive css description
    – Removed duplicate text logo on mobile sizes
    – Fixed display of full witdth images on mobile viewports
    – Fixed float issue a with clear below the_content

    v1.1.2 – New Theme URI

    v1.1.1 – Update Constants and add sales url related
    – Update sales urls on options panel
    – Make font-styles translatable
    – Update PO/MO files

    v1.1.0 – Use get_option(‘date_format’) per discussion: “[theme-reviewers] Hard coding date format”
    – Migrated to new layout tags

    v1.0.9 – Updated User Guide
    – Remove empty array items from options aray
    – Remove info array items from options array because feature is being removed
    – Remove info and video features from options form

    v1.0.8 – Added unique keys to options array
    – Fixed options form display to pull tab panes automatically
    – Simplified options save/filter functions
    – Removed function to save defaults to DB
    – Fixed options display helper to pull from array not DB
    – Fixed display issue with mail icon on sidebar
    – Added missing support for <!–more–> on featured post template partial
    – Fixed incorrect image dimension listed on options panel

    v1.0.7 – Add option to hide alternate blog on frontpage

    v1.0.6 – Fixed menu layout issues when is_admin_bar_showing = true

    v1.0.5 – Fixed frontpage secondary blog loops to allow for setting post count to “0”

    v1.0.4 – Added sitemap template and associated partial

    v1.0.3 – Added PO/MO files for translation

    v1.0.2 – Removed funtion to create menu
    – Added functional fallback_cb to menu
    – Moved title conditions to wp_title filter
    – Removed ‘menu’ variable from wp_nav_menu
    – Moved admin scripts to theme options page only
    – Replaced hard-coded inputs with submit_button() on theme option form

    v1.0.1 – Fixed Refrence error in comments.php
    – Fixed declaration errors by removing none essential class extention
    – Pushed conditional scripts to wp_head

    v1.0.0 – Initial Launch

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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