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  • I am using Storefront theme perfectly fine. I want to ask a help. I used plugin in my site . Everything is working fine. But the icon overlaps the ‘My Cart’ icon in the mobile page. I tried to use custom CSS but the property is inside the iframe. Can you please help me to shift this widget icon a bit upper by using property ‘ bottom: 50px !important; ‘ inside the iframe property. I have attached the screenshot too.

    Thank you

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    Hi @biswashkoirala,

    Good question! I think I would actually talk to about this – since their plugin is what’s adding the code to display on that side of your site. My suggestion would be to just not display it on mobile.


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    Thank you .. I have left it as it is now.. If it disturbs the visitors too much, I will disable in some pages or on mobile devices.

    Thank you
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    you can add a 4th column in bottom bar, as it described here:
    Customize links in the handheld footer bar

    if you want the place at the end, put priority 20

    UPD I was wrong about priority

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    or some reason “priority” didn’t work, so I had to swap $new_links and $links in the code and remove the “href” attribute, so the final code looks like this:

    // add a place in footer bar in mobile screeins for chat icon
    add_filter( 'storefront_handheld_footer_bar_links', 'jk_add_chat_link' );
    function jk_add_chat_link( $links ) {
    	$new_links = array(
    		'chat' => array(
    			'priority' => 40,
    			'callback' => 'jk_chat_link',
    	$links = array_merge( $links, $new_links);
    	return $links;
     function jk_chat_link() {
    //	echo "  &nbsp  &nbsp";
     echo '<a>' . __( 'Chat' ) . '</a>';
Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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