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    Ahoy! I’m really digging the theme, you’ve done a wonderful job.
    It’s been my favorite thus far for my purposes and I’ve been through quite a few in the past year.

    I’m still pretty new to CSS and I’m fairly sure this should be an easy fix, but I suppose my brain’s been fried at this point. I can’t seem to figure out how to change the link colors via the stylesheet (I have FTP access). In Firebug it says the hex code is #440404 but it’s nowhere to be found in the style.css. Am I looking in the wrong place? I wouldn’t be too worried about it, but the dark red is definitely too hard to see against the background color so I can’t leave it as-is.

    The website in question:

    My second question is a bit less urgent. I’ve been through most of the topics already discussed and haven’t really seen much but does anyone know how to increase the content area after removing the sidebar? I actually managed to do so when messing around with the code my first time around, but managed to break the widgets and had to reset.

    Last question: Is there a way to easily center the navigation bar contents via the code? It’s currently left-aligned and I haven’t done too much experimenting yet, but any insight would help.

    Thanks so much for anything you can offer!

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  • I think this link may cover how to increase the content area after removing the sidebar:

    As for the link colors, do you only have access via FTP, or can you access the WordPress dashboard as well? If you can access the dashboard, you can change the link color under Appearance > Customize > change the ‘accent color’. Haven’t looked into where that is in the CSS code, though, so can’t be of too much help there. Good luck!

    Aahahahhaha oh wow that was incredibly simple thank you.
    I don’t even have a good excuse for not realizing that the accent color picker was there. Thank you so much for helping!

    As for the link, I seem to be having the same problem user “daviden” is having and not putting it in the right place, but I appreciate the direction nonetheless.

    No problem! I’m glad it was an easy fix, at least for one of the problems.

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