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    I’ve a script to get a count and more browser informations from who click on link “X”.

    But I dont want to add this http://www.site.com/link.php?ref=<url-here&gt; each time I create a link.

    So, I’m wondering if there is an automatic way to change the WP code to automaticly insert it on each outsite link.

    If there is, tell me. 🙂


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  • Kafkaesqui


    Seems a plugin would come in handy for something like this…

    Prefix Post URLs
    Download plugin | View source

    It has a single user-configurable variable you should know about:

    $prefix = This is a string variable providing the text you want to prefix to any external url. The default value is '' (empty). You’d want to change this to something like the following:

    $prefix = 'http://www.site.com/link.php?ref=';

    You can edit the variable either through the Plugin Editor in WordPress, or in a text editor off-line.

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