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  1. frent
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I need add this fragment of code '?_escaped_fragment_=%2F' before every link, for Ajax Crawling!So far it works fine adding a hook for the_permalink, page_link and rewriting some code for wp_list_pages.

    it would make links like http://yyy.com/!#/page from http://yyy.com/?_escaped_fragment_=%2Fpage

    unfortunately it does not work with a category link, well I can add the link but when I visit the page for some reason it redirects again to the link...

    http://yyy.com/!#/category/cat-name tp http://yyy.com/category/cat-name?_escaped_fragment_=/category/cat-name

    I use following code to add my fragment : return str_replace(get_bloginfo('home'). '/', '/didier/?_escaped_fragment_=%2F', $link);

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