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    Hello, i’m new to wordpress and just build my first website with a Hestia Theme. The website is in german but i hope that is no problem. Now i have the problem that when you are on the site and click for example on “Impressum” on the bottom of the page and then from there click on “Projekte” in the main menu in the header you are directed back on the main site which works fine but i have a problem that in the adress bar it reads which i would like to change (the “#team” link to something else) because it’s the id from the hestia theme which i don’t know how to edit.

    I hope you understand what i mean and already tried very hard to find an answer for the problem but couldn’t find any solution so far. Would really appreciate any help i can get 🙂

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • lobboi


    i would appreciate any suggestions! Could i solve my problem when i buy the premium hestia theme?

    Hi @lobboi,

    This is expected behavior because when you click “Projekte” you are not only being redirected to the home page but you are also being scrolled automatically to the Projekte section of your homepage.

    That’s called anchor links as they use the ID of HTML element to scroll to it. When you are on another page that anchor is not added to the browser URL section, however, when you are on a different page it’s needed so the browser knows which is the section he should scroll to and that section has team ID in the Hestia design.

    I hope this makes things clear! 🙂

    Hello, thank you very much for your answer @bvytis 🙂

    That was clear to me but do you know of any way to change this URL? So that the links have a different URL name because the hestia seciton names dont match the content that i put there. I hope I explained this right and you know what i mean 🙂

    Hi @lobboi

    It’s not possible to change the id of the section. You need to make the changes in the theme files which we don’t recommend.

    Hi, thank you for your answer!
    I really would like to change the id of the sections so that the links have a different URL. Could you recommend someone who could help me to change the proper theme files? I would be really glad and pay for the service. It is important to me that the URL links look “good” and match the information it comprises.



    Themeisle Support

    Hi @lobboi

    We do not offer services such as changing theme files or custom codes. You can, however, check in freelancer sites and hire someone to achieve these changes.

    Another option is if you create another page for Project and link the menu item to that page.

    Hope this helps.

    Hello @purplecodes,

    thanks a lot for your answer and your tip! I’ll look into that.
    Would it be possible to change the section names if i would buy the hestia pro theme version?

    Hello @lobboi,
    No, that’s not possible even with Hestia PRO.

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