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    I’ve hacked my login and registration pages to look exactly how I’d like them. I’m having trouble editing the link for the WP logo to redirect to my page, however. Anyone done this successfully? I can’t find it for the life of me…

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  • You need to edit wp-register.php in the main directory for your site, line 97 in the default unedited version.

    Look for this line: <h1><a href="">WordPress</a></h1>

    perfect. thanks…


    Using WordPress in an iFrame, I am trying to take this one step further and have not found documentation on this yet.

    What I need to do is open the Admin section is a new window. A simple <target=”_blank”> in html.

    The reason for this is that although WordPress fits beautifully in an fairly small iFrame, the admin page does not.

    The two options would be to open Admin in a new browser window of its own – which is fine – or to open it in a new html page using a slightly different, broader iFrame of its own.

    Basically, my site uses an iFrame with navigation links down one side. I could lose those links to run the admin page. My feeling is that to just open a new clean window is probably easier.

    I will keep searching through the code to see if and where this is possible and post back, but if anyone can beat me to it, please do.



    I just realised that this is a two fold job.

    That not just does the login window have to link to a new browser window but so to would the Administration link in the sidebar.

    I can make the login window link to index.php. So I think the result that I am looking for could be achieved by merely changing the link from the sidebar to open a new browser window or html page containing a wider iframe. Then I would only have to changed the log out link to take me to index.php as well.

    I am sure that it is doable but I have become “codeblinded” right now … 😉


    and the ” Edit this entry ” link in any article and post.

    This could be a problem …

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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