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    In the calendar view on this page, the race name links to a pop-up window driven by WD calendar plugin.

    Is it possible to link this text to another URL – for example the race organisers web site?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi, @sse-angus!

    Thank you for your question!

    This is surely possible with Event Calendar WD. Please edit your events and find Event URL option. You can provide any link in this input.

    Users will be redirected to this page after they click on the title of the event.

    Sorry but this not what happens.

    With a URL in the box indicated, clicking on the race name opens a WDEC detailed pop-up, not the link pasted.

    The link entered is pasted as a URL, and is included within the popup window.

    Please try this on the page I have linked too.

    Hello, @sse-angus!

    Unfortunately, the link cannot be redirected when the users click on the event when it’s on the calendar.

    However, you can enable Show events detail on hover option from Event Calendar WD > Settings > Events page. You will get a box with event details, which appears when hovering on events.

    It also contains the URL. This way, users will be able to click on the link directly. Hope this workaround is a good solution for you.


    Doesn’t seem to be working.

    I’ve emptied caches, refreshed the page and nothing is appearing on hover.

    Hey, @sse-angus!

    Did you try with the Month view (Full type) of the calendar? The hover block with event details appears when you hover on an event on Month view.

    It doesn’t appear in List view since the description of the event is already visible there. Also note, that the hover block does not appear on Mini Month calendar too.


    Thanks, we only use the list view since all our events are at w/e’s so month view is a lot of help.

    What is the difference between mini & full calendar? I can’t see any difference!

    My thoughts on this are as follows:

    We’d like to only show the absolute essential data in the calendar – what, when, where, how much, then all the rest (more details, location map, etc) should be available either on hover, in a popup, or another tab/window irrespective of how we display the information in the first instance.

    I’m not a fan of pop-ups since so many people block them, however, to have the detail that currently appears in the popup from the list view as a mouse-over hover would be superb.

    Our event calendar is a key part of our operation, but not the core of it.

    Hi, @sse-angus!

    Mini and Full calendars only refer to Month view. Basically, Mini calendar shows dots on the days with events, whereas Full calendar displays event title.

    Unfortunately, the hover block is only available for Full Month view. But the following might be a good workaround for you.

    You can add event description in a paragraph of the event content. Then, we can hide it from List View with CSS. It will only be visible when users click to open the event page.

    Would this be a good solution for you?

    So, when someone clicks on the event title, it’ll either pop-up or open in a new tab, depending on what I’ve chosen in settings?

    That’d work fine, thanks.

    Is it possible to make this responsive, i.e. on a PC to open in a new tab, on a tablet or mobile to open a pop-up?

    Finally, I noticed that since we are using the shortcode embedded in an Enfold column, the date gets cut-off (see the lower example on the test page URL) is there a way to shorten this e.g. 13/09/17, 13/09/2017, 13 Sep ’17?


    Hi, @sse-angus!

    That’s correct, popup or a new page with event details will open depending on the settings you choose.

    But unfortunately, this cannot be dynamically changed for desktop or mobile.

    As for the date format in List view, please go to Event Calendar WD > Settings > General page and set the value of List,Week,Day views day format to d/m/y (for 13/09/17) or d/m/Y (for 13/09/2017).

    Have a look at this screenshot, please.

    Thanks, been a while since I looked at the settings!

    So, are you able to provide me with the CSS in order to fulfil your suggestion?

    “You can add event description in a paragraph of the event content. Then, we can hide it from List View with CSS. It will only be visible when users click to open the event page.”?


    Hey, @sse-angus!

    Sure, please try adding one of following code blocks to Event Calendar WD > Settings > Custom CSS panel:

    .ecwd_list .event-content p {
        display: none;


    .ecwd_list .event-content p:first-child {
        display: none;

    The first one will remove all paragraphs in the event content on List view, but the second will hide only first <p> tags.

    Hope this helps.
    Thanks! Have a great day!

    Sorry, you’ll have to clarify that for me, I don’t speak code 🙂

    I get the first part, about removing all paragraphs from the event description, but not the second part.


    Hey, @sse-angus!

    Sure, let me clarify a bit further 🙂

    The second part means the following. When you add a description to your events, they are written into one or more <p> (paragraph) tags.

    The second code block will only hide the content of the first <p> tag in the event description. So it is up to you, in case you wish to hide all the description, use the first CSS code block.

    Hope this helps.

    OK, got it, I thought that’s what it might be, but couldn’t see why one would want to hide only the first paragraph?

    For us, I could use the opposite, show para 1, hide all the rest! Is this possible?

    This would allow us to show the WD Event info – date, race name, location, and then add basics in the first para like prices (why is this not included in the basic WDEC info?), race distances and a link to an external site (still think this should be part of WDEC basic info with the option to customise the link text). The rest of the race info is then hidden within the List view, and only available when clicking the event name.


    Hey, @sse-angus!

    That is also possible for sure. Could you please add a description to one event, so we can have a sample? We will provide the CSS code based on this example.

    Thanks in advance!

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