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  • I just took over management of a web site after the owner lost the registration for his .org domain. He was lucky to have the .com registration and a backup of what had been on the .org site. So I simply installed the backup on the .com domain. Everything seems fine except the images in his post do not display because the media files all point to .org.

    Is there some way I can globally replace all those .org paths with the .com?

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  • WP Settings –> General –> WordPress Address & Blog Address


    Get into the database (via phpMyAdmin) and go to wp-options –> siteurl and change it there.

    Thanks for the help. But that fidd not fix it.

    The WP Settings show the .com, not the bad .org.

    I’m in phpMyAdmin, looking at the tables in wp-option > browse.

    The option value is set for the .com address. The misdirecting .org URL does not appear anywhere that I have found.

    Anyway, I also went into the WP Media File and tried editing the file URL from .org to .com. I can change it and save it, but when I reopen, it has reverted to .org.

    Any further suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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