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  • I am running a blog that receives a lot of hits daily – more than 1 million in January alone – so there is time sensitivity with regards to resolving this issue…therefore I need help!! I would greatly appreciate it!

    This is the site..

    Up until 2 days ago, it looked fine – then all of a sudden, the sizing and the background colors – and the sidebars don’t always match up. I have a menu bar (the black bar underneath the header) – but now all of the menu options aren’t showing up. The main body of the blog itself looked ok and the header look ok.. It’s mainly the sidebars and menu.

    This issue seems to be ONLY occurring in Internet Explorer. The site appears fine in firefox – or from a smartphone even.

    I called wordpress support through the godaddy provider and they determined there’s nothing technically wrong with the site.. They say the internet is constantly changing and sometimes one little thing will tweak in a script – and set the whole thing off in a browser like Internet Explorer, which doesn’t constantly update itself like Firefox. Unfortunately, A) Internet Explorer is very popular, so this is still a problem for the viewers of tihs site.. and B) I don’t know how to find the script that is messed up.

    Can anyone help figure this out??

    I have updated all widgets.. I am not using the most recently updated version of my theme or wordpress though. Although both of those updates came out before the issues with this site began.

    I am using wordpress 3.3.1 and the Weaver theme.
    Again, that’s

    Anyone have any ideas??

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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