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  • I’m trying to help a friend get her site up and running again. You may have seen a post recently about “being left high and dry by her designer”. The designer created the site but didn’t provide her with any access to the host.

    So she got an account with another host and they moved the site to them. Now, the problem is that WordPress is not installed. So, we need advice on how to proceed. Should we make a backup of everything before we install WP? And then put back the php scripts that were modified by the designer?

    Thanks, jim

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  • If WP is not installed, what can you backup??
    What did they move over, if the original WP install wasn’t accessible? I am confused a bit.

    Anyway, I’d go like this:
    – backup all the files (though how do you do that not having FTP access?)
    – backup the database (again, not having host access how do you do that?)

    When installing, try to install the same version as the original was because the DB tables structure has been changed and that might cause troubles.
    Old versions see here:

    Also, see the Codex articles:

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