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  • Is it possible to change the page that is the ‘Home’ page from the initial launch to a static page that can be used as a ‘Mission Statement’, but still keep the current post page that is currently the ‘Home’ page but change the Page Name and link to ‘Blog’?
    Thanks, Bob

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    Thanks! I have the ‘Home’ page set up fine now as static, but my ‘Blog’ page which I was trying to have in the same format as the original installation ‘Home’ page as a Posts page I have set up incorrectly. It currently looks like a static editable page at top with the posts summary below it. Can this be changed so that the page only includes the Posts and the Sidebar? The Page attributes are currently set as Parent- ‘No Parent’, and Template- ‘Showcase Template’.

    How can the ‘Post Comment’ box be removed from the Home Page?

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    from the quoted link:

    Title the second page “Blog” (or you could call it “News”, “Articles”, etc.). This page will be a place-holder for showing the Posts on your site.
    Do not use a custom Page template for this page! home.php or index.php will be used to generate this page.
    DO NOT add content to the Blog Page. Leave it blank. Any content here will be ignored — only the Title is used.
    Publish the Page.

    Go to Administration > Settings > Reading panel.

    Reading panelSet ‘Front page displays:’ to ‘a static page’ and choose the first page you created above for ‘Front page.’ If your WordPress site will contain a blog section, set ‘Posts page’ to the page you created for this above. Otherwise, leave this blank.
    Save changes

    i.e. the ‘blog’ page should not be seen using the ‘showcase’ template.

    I’ve just updated to 3.5.
    Everything looked pretty good until I tried to save “Blog” as my “Posts page”
    My reading settings won’t save. It will let me save the “front page” but not let me set anything for the “Posts page”. When I hit save it says, “settings saved” but nothing has actually the “posts page” has reverted back to “-select-“
    I’ve deactivated all plugins but still have the same problem.

    Your help would be appreciated

    Christine Rondeau


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    @justifyy please start your own forum thread with your question. It’s best to keep these threads to one question only.

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