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    ok so my home page is default the blog page, i would like to have a separate page/tab dedicated for the blog called blog and i would like the home page to look like the other normal pages (no posted by & no date)
    and im hoping to have my feed pick up on the blog page instead of the home page.

    if you can help the best way to contact me would be through the forum on my site cause i dont visit this forum frequently.


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  • Look in Settings on the dashboard – there you can change what is seen on the home page and select a static page rather than blog posts.

    this almost works but not quite.
    take a look at the site
    if i could get rid of the first home tab and not have the /home extension on the second home tab i would be golden.
    any ideas?

    I see no /home extension on the 2nd home tab (if by that you mean the url it links to).

    Getting rid of one of the home tabs depends on how you have generated the menu – without that information you can’t be helped. Is the menu entirely generated by wordpress, or have you put in your own code for it, or is it part & part?

    ok the /home extension is mysteriously gone. i just need to get rid of that first home tab. BTW everything is wordpress generated. in the dashboard if i click on write there is options for post, page and links. the posts are default the home page and i cant change the order nor the title of that tab. if i delete the post (my home page) the tab will stay. last night i left it set up with the static pages like you suggested and when i would click on the blog tab the first home tab would be white like it was clicked also. right now i have one post which is the “test” you see in the blog. do you have a instant messenger? it might be easier to trouble shoot if we could talk instantly. BTW thanks for all your help so far rob i really do appreciate it.

    I’m not really that up on how wordpress generates menus, as I tend to put in my own code – this way I don’t worry about the way wordpress sorts out the order of pages for the menu. It’s the 2nd Home in your menu which is pointing to the page Home you have, I’m not completely sure where the first Home link is coming from.

    Are you sure in your header.php file that you don’t have the link to home followed by the template tag wp_list_pages ? If you did it would probably look something like:

    <div id="menu">
    <li class=""><a href="">Home</a></li>
    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>
    [the bit here would be for the RSS feed]

    Ok i figured it out
    I just removed from <a href=> to </a>
    and used the static page option
    thanks rob



    Ok, when I do this, I don’t get a menu option for the blog itself (I had figured this much out on my own), HOW do I get a page for the blog to be a link in the menus?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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