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  • Greetings
    I am new to running WordPress on domain. Running the free version gave me some idea of how this works.

    I searched through a bunch of past topics and didn’t find a similar question – even though this is so basic. I would have thought it had happened before!

    I cant change the header picture – it uploads and I can see (many) in the Media section.
    The uploader runs to 100% but never gets to the second screen to allow the cropping and adjustment and saving.

    My thought is there is a problem with my uploaded version of WP?


    In a similar vein, adding a new Theme – the description notes uploading but it never completes the action. Again I thought it was a WP problem cause by a bad upload?

    Thoughts appreciated.


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  • Try adding AddType x-mapp-php5 .php to the top of your WordPress .htaccess file.

    Hi esmi
    Thanks for that – I have just gone through all the files and I can’t see a .htaccess anywhere. Maybe that is the problem?

    What directory should it be under?

    Chances are, I have no idea where I am looking..

    It should be in the folder where you installed WordPress. Check that your FTP (or file management) software is configured to show all files. .htaccess files are often hidden by default.

    OK I see it under /logs and logs/traffic.html

    Let me play and see what I can do or destroy!


    No! That’s not the right folder or file.

    heh heh – oops!

    That is the only one I see with access in it!

    I searched through the files I uploaded and didnt see any other access file. Then I wentr through the files on the server and the only ones coming up on a search were the ones I mentioned.

    The joys of starting something new!

    It’s p’ed me off all frikken day!

    Create a file called .htaccess in a plain text editor. Add the line I gave to that empty file & save it. Upload the saved file to your your WordPress folder.

    OK I can do that thank you!

    I have noticed if I have a very low respolution picture it works – then it just looks yukky!

    Check with your hosts that they are running the latest version of GD Library. In the meantime, what kind of filesize (in megs) are you trying to upload?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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