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  • Hello. Have just installed wordpress yesterday. First things I did is try to change the header image. I searched the doc and even these support group and try to follow some instructions of changing header image. Uploading and making changes on the style css and even on the header.php did not alter the header. Then I upload the my logo design and rename at as kubrickheader. It did work but the blue color is still there.

    I prefer an instruction that will really have a hand in altering the files rather than rename to kubrickheader.jpg. Pls help me by pointing the file to open and a step by step instruction. I’m quite good with html.

    Also is there an html files/templates than i can make my changes in html instead of php file.

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  • When I did this, all I did was edit the header file using the same format that is used in a post when wanting to show an image.

    but it would help if we knew what your header file looked like. maybe creating a .txt version of it and linking us to it? I know that many here don’t like it when lots of code it posted.

    Need to post a ton of code? Simply use

    No problem.

    And trying to tweak the “default” theme look is pretty self-defeating.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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