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  • Why not go back and ask the theme author for help with implementing her suggestion? Commercial themes are not generally supported here and without a link to your site, it’s impossible for anyone to possibly help even aside from that policy.

    I think your link you sent me just keeps sending me back to my own post above. I tried looking for help on the other forum past topics and I’ve asked numerous times for help on the font size from the author….it’s just not a quick response, plus she is in another country which is probably part of it. I did get the logo description to change by upping that “15” to 25, but when I do that for the logo, nothing changes on that still. Just was hoping that someone here might be able to give a quicker answer….if not, ok. thanks.

    I did not post a link so I’m not sure what you mean. I did ask you to post a link to your site so that someone can look at your site and possibly help you. That still stands. Without seeing the site live, it’s impossible to help with things like this.

    The email response just says “read this post” and it sends me here I guess 🙂 The site is Im in the very early stages of designing it….appreciate your help. Thanks.

    Changing Twenty Eleven default header with a custom coded jQuery slide show

    Hi, I have been struggling for days now and would like any help please on the matter below.

    I am developing an application in WordPress using Twenty Eleven Theme.
    I also created a Child theme. I would like to incorporate my custom coded jQuery slide show which works fine on another website to the new WordPress Site. I would like the slide to replace the Twenty Eleven default header. I have been trying for days now. I am not supposed to use a plugin. Please can anyone explain to me step by step how to go about it. Please , I am in trouble and any help will be very much appreciated

    @angie44 — your post has nothing to do with this thread and it is considered rude to hijack someone else’s thread. If you need help, you need to start your own thread per the forum rules.

    Try adding this — for the large logo part:

    #logo a.logo-text {
       font-size:  XXpx;

    For the other, it’s currently being set by this in the custom CSS:

    #logo .logo-description {
        font-size: 20px;

    So if you want it bigger, find that and change the px size.

    I did not know

    WOW! It worked!!! You are a genius! Thanks so much WPyogi! I really truly appreciate your help!

    This issue has been resolved. Thanks!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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