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  • This question is relative to some other threads, but I’m new to playing with Multi Site and can’t figure out exactly what I need to do.

    I want to set Multi Site to configure the uploads into a different directory than wp-content, but don’t want to have to edit each site individually. How would I go about telling multi site to use a different path than the default one it uses now?

    Example Instead of the site being created with the following path:

    It would be created with something like:

    And I wouldn’t have to change the path by editing the site

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  • There’s no tutes on it, no codex entry, no magic command. 🙂 Have a look at the AS3 plugin and see how they handle it.

    Thanks Andrea,

    But a bit confused. AS3 seems to be flash related. I just want the media library to not be stored in the same location as every other blogger using multi site without having to manually edit each site created – basic low end security procedures.

    P.S. Using Multi Site with manual creation only, not allowing peopler to create their own sites.

    I mentioned the plugin so you coudl read their code for how they registered a different upload folder.

    basic low end security procedures.

    I don’t get this part – you don’t want them to edit this themselves? (they can’t)

    or you want it to be different for security purposes? (very minor)

    I’m editing everything myself. no users, I just don’t want to edit each site manually.

    I know it’s a minor security issue, but I try to take every precaution possible.

    I probably should have played around with multi site a bit more before launching the site. – but at least its my site and not a clients 🙂

    Um, changing the upload folder location on the subsites when you’re the only one suing it, is ….. irrelevant seems harsh but that’s the only word I can think of. It’s just not going to matter much, if at all.

    There actually *is* a define to put in wp-config, except I keep forgetting about it and need to test it. the bird in my ear says it doesn’t affect the main site’s uploads tho.

    it’s either UPLOAD_DIR or UPLOADS_DIR.

    I’ll play around with those. It’s not a critical issue. as like you said it’s my own site(s). I had hoped there might be a simple solution like in a single WP Install.


    It;s not simple & straightforward anyway, for each site to have its own uploads folder.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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