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  • hi, I’m trying business elite theme with a child theme.

    I don’t understand how to edit in the contact section the words “full name” and “adress”, because they are coded in the inc section and I don’t know how to overwrite them.

    can you sugget me how to override them?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello, @resunoiz!

    Thanks for posting your question!

    You are correct, these phrases are hard-coded. However, you can modify them from /business-elite/inc/front/front_functions.php file.

    Open the file and search with cont_title keyword. You will find 3 results. Change what’s underlined in this screenshot, keeping the quotation marks.

    We recommend doing this through FTP connection.

    I obviously not considered that solution because updating the theme will result in loss of that modification. I’d like to overwrite them with my child theme.
    what functions have I to look at to remove and reapply in my child?

    hi @resunoiz,

    these strings are translatable. It means you can edit their translations in .po file. There is also .po file for English. Too preserve the changes during update you may keep .po file , then upload it again.

    ..there’s no chance to kill the parent theme functiopn and rewrite it on child theme?

    sure there is

    here are the steps
    1. create child theme. You may use some plugin for that , e.g.
    2. copy paste parent theme’s home.php template to child theme
    3. create a class inheriting from class Business_elite_frontend_functions
    4. override Business_elite_frontend_functions:: contact_us() function in the inherited class
    5. call your overridden static method instead of this line in home.php of child theme:
    <?php Business_elite_frontend_functions:: contact_us();?>

    Please let us know if you need any further help

    not so clear on how to create that class inheriting from “class Business_elite_frontend_functions”.

    I’ve found the public static function contact_us() in the front_functions.php file but if I try to copy it on my functions.php file renaming it, the site comes to whitescreen.

    same issue triyng to override the home_featured_post(), content_posts and portfolio_home() sections.

    My first attempt was to copy/paste the front_functions.php content to my functions.php and renaming the “class Business_elite_frontend_functions extends WDWT_frontend_functions” function with a custom name and calling it in home. php

    or the contacts section, it worked. but with the other sections, it generates random sections to show or white blank page.

    What am I mistaking?

    Hello, @resunoiz!

    Seems like there’s an issue on your website. Could we have a look? Please contact our team using this form (select “I have a pre-sales question” and the form will appear).

    Also please indicate the link to this forum thread in your message. We will figure out a solution ASAP and share it here.

    Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

    what you intend with “issue”?

    Hey, @resunoiz!

    It could be a conflict with another plugin, or the configurations on your web server. We need to have a look to be sure.


    hi, I finally overrided front_functions in functionS.php and all works fine, except for a strange thing.
    the blog section I have set to show only 4 posts per page, so I have next and previous arrows.
    what I want is to change ‘next’ and ‘previous’ with 3 dots.

    I found in my functions.php the lines to change.
    the ‘next’ word works and shows correctly … > but going on the next pages it always shows ‘previous’, even if I updated that word the site takes the function always from the parent theme.

    Hello, @resunoiz!

    We’re glad to know you could override front_functions.php!

    Regarding the “Previous” and “Next” text, we highly recommend you to use theme translation files to change these phrases.

    You will need to install POEdit software to your computer. All translation files of the theme are located under /business-elite/languages folder.

    Please download .po and .mo files of your language from here and modify .po with POEdit. Then please upload new .po and .mo back to the same folder, replacing their old versions.

    The reason this method is recommended is that the text does not become hard-coded, and also, translation files are not changed with an update.


    if they’re on the parent folder…how can be them not affected by updates?

    Hi, @resunoiz!

    Please note, that the translations in .po are kept properly unless you delete the theme folder and upload its new version via FTP.

    Therefore, please feel free to edit them, although, you can keep a backup of the edited file just in case after editing it.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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