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  • Hi about2flip,

    [edit: got a little overzealous] Gimme a sec and I’ll find this for you.

    Thank you.

    Go into your admin panel > widgets.

    On the right side, you have three widget areas “First Footer Widget Area, Second… Third…”

    The section you are targeting is “Second Footer Widget Area”. Drag a text widget from the “Available Widgets” section into the “Second Footer Widget Area” and edit the title and text. Click save and you should be able to refresh your page and see your changes.

    @robert, Thank You!!!! Got a trick question, how do I remove menu link (page) from the main header menu. I created a terms page, but it shows up in the main menu, and I just want it for a footer menu that i created.


    Set your main menu at Appearance > Menus back to default values, or however you’d like it to appear, and save that.

    Then, once you’ve done that:

    1. In the Menu Name field type a name such as “Footer Menu”
    2. Set up the links the way you want them
    3. Click on “Create Menu”
    4. Go to Appearance > Widgets
    5. Drag the “Custom Menu” from the “Available Widgets” area over to the widget area on the right that you would like it to occupy
    6. In the widget area, click the down arrow on “Custom Menu” and in the “Select Menu” dropdown make sure that your new menu is selected
    7. Click “Save”
    8. Refresh your site and you should see your new menu in the widget area

    Thanks Again followed the steps, but my “terms” page in the discover theme still appears in the main header menu. I don’t want to show the page “terms” in the main menu on top. Anyway to get rid of that. I tried making it private, but if i click it in the widgets footer menu it says Private:Terms.

    Ah Figured it out. Didn’t know I had to create a custom menu for the header menu.
    Thanks @robert. #You The Best!

    I’m glad that I could help out! Good luck with your site!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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