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    I just got finished changing the colors for one of Techozoic Fluid’s custom color schemes, but now the footer’s copyright text at the bottom of the page is too dark to read. I need to make it a lighter color, along with the text that denotes the number of mySQL queries, and the “By [author] | Filed in” text on the posts. Where in the CSS are the colors of this text? Also, do I have to switch to the static CSS in Techozoic’s settings and configure all the other colors again?

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  • A link to your site would allow us to check out the CSS in Firebug to find out what rules are determining the colours you talk about.



    Ah, right. I probably should’ve put a link in the first post, but you can see it at . It’s in that directory because I haven’t finished tweaking the settings, but when that’s done I can safely make it my main page.

    The style rule that is governing the colour is the rule for the ‘body’ selector contained, strangely, in a file with the url:

    Some messing about shows that this is actually:

    Giving the query string any other value pulls up your index page. So the implication is that the theme has injected some PHP into the WordPress index page or something seriously weird. I can’t actually believe that, so I’m clearly not understanding something here.

    Fortunately, though, it turns out that the theme does, in fact, have a standard style.css style sheet. So working on the assumption that that’s the one that needs to be overridden, you could try adding a style rule something like:

    body div#footer {
      color: /* your colour value here; */

    Hopefully this will do the job. Although I really don’t understand how the style sheet thing works.



    Would I put that into the Custom CSS box of Techozoic’s Style Settings, or the style.css file in the editor?

    Sorry to double-post, but with your advice I managed to access and edit the dynamic CSS file from within my WordPress settings. I’m not 100% sure how, but I believe I did it by switching back to the Dynamic CSS mode in Techozoic’s settings, then looking at style.css in the Editor. I found that it had the body color set to 333, the dark gray I couldn’t read well. After adjusting that color, it made the copyright text totally readable. Now all that’s left is to find the color it’s using for the mySQL entry count and “By [author] | Filed in [category]”. Thanks very much for the help!

    The style rule you’re after is:

    small, .sidebar ul ul li, .sidebar ul ol li, .nocomments, .postmetadata, blockquote, strike {
      color: #999999;

    Just follow the same procedure to alter it.

    The way most of us discover these things is to use Firebug or equivalent.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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