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  • I would like to know how to change the font which is used in the editor? The default one (and size of it) is not at all like the one I use in my blog. Would be nice if I could have the same font when writing. 🙂 (I use Advanced TinyMEc but I think that the font and size when writing is the same in the default WordPress editor.

    I mean, they are called what you see is what you get aren’t they? 😉

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  • If you feel like getting your hands dirty, open the following file in your favourite html editor (Programmers Notepad is good if you don’t want something large and expensive like Dreamweaver).


    On lines 26-30 you will see the style information for the editor. To change the font, edit line 28 and make it the same font as your site. You will be able to find that information in your theme’s foler:

    something like style.css, but check all .css files for font information.

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Hi again,

    Thank you for you answer.

    Does not seem to work. Is it baecause I use Advanced TinyMCE?

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