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  • Place this in your css tab and change the font to the size you wish.
    div.cc_slider ul.ui-tabs-nav li span {font-size: 13px;}

    Thanks for the reply!

    I added “div.cc_slider ul.ui-tabs-nav li span {font-size: 13px;}” in the CSS [Wordpress Admin Surface > Design > Editor > style.css] but nothing happened.

    Did I do something wromng?

    Many thanks

    Hi Harry,

    Please never change theme files via the theme editor (you can do, but you all your changes would be lost with every update of the theme)

    Please have a look in your wp-admin in “Appearance” -> “Theme Settings”

    Then click on the CSS tab of the Theme Settings page.

    In this place you can add your custom CSS which will overwrite all other CSS and saved in your theme options, which is update-safe for you..

    More about changing theme files:

    More help here

    Custom Community Knowledge Base:

    Free tech support and premium support options @themekraft:

    Hope this helps,

    many thanks for this hint konradS! it seems I thought in the complete wrong direction about changing the theme – thank u!

    there is only one question left > do you know how to change the width of the buttons in the slideshow?


    I va got it – div.cc_slider ul.ui-tabs-nav {width: f.e. 500px;} 😉

    many thanks for the infos!!!!


    Cheers 😉

    I just started using Custom Community and I was wondering how I can change my Fonts via the CSS tab.

    Currently all I can choose from is Ariel, Helvetica, Century Gothic, Times new roman, and Garamond. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’d like to be able to put in some code to override the font for my Post titles


    Hi ijserluco,
    You can do this with normal css and over ride the font settings.

    What font did you want to use?

    Would something like Gotham be practical? Or perhaps Franklin Gothic.

    I know they’re not “Web Safe”, but what would you suggest.

    i would recommend to stick with the websafe fonts.

    but you have also several ways to integrate different fonts.

    For example Google fonts or font services like typekit or font squirrel
    (the font is available online for your readers).

    When integrating such fonts and you need to add a line of code to your header.php

    For this, I would make a blank child theme with just a copy of the header.php and then modify it. that is the most easy way to stay update safe.

    Or have just a functions.php and hook it via action hooks (for the developer minded).

    More info on how to make a child theme with CC in the knowledge base:

    Hope this helps, Konrad

    Thanks Konrad.

    Is it possible I can alter the header simply via the “CSS” tab in Theme Settings as oppose to going into header.php? I went on google fonts, found one I liked (“Cantata One”), then attempted to put the code into the header.php, but got completely lost…

    and when I looked at the “how to make a child theme” link it was for CC Pro, would that not work for me since I have the standard one?

    Sorry for all the questions, I only ask because currently I’m not too knowledgeable about code and looking at some of this stuff is like looking at another language, ha.

    hi @jserluco,

    you cannot add the language via the CSS tab, you can just use it there in your CSS.

    you would need to add the script one time to load that font from google.

    i will make an option for adding some script to the header, for example for analytics or fonts. this option was a bit “overdue” already 🙂

    this feature will come with the next update.
    that means within a few days or max a week you can download the improved version @github:

    thanks for giving feedback, konrad

    Thanks Konrad! Looking forward to it.

    One more question. Is there or will there be an option to add in say a Twitter, or Facebook link…perhaps in the sidebar area.

    @jserluco, there are a lot of great plugins out there for free doing this..

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