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  • I’ve tried to browse around the posts to see if I could figure this out on my own, but it has become increasingly frustrating and I’m feeling dumber by the moment.

    Whenever I make a post to our site, the font size is a bit too large, I’m thinking it’s set to 14 or more. Then, if someone were to leave their comment, their font size is even larger, maybe 16. I fotched around with style.css and didn’t get to the right code line or it’s not there, or I’m an idiot. I want the general font size for the content of our pages to be defaulted at 10px. Up to this point, I’ve had to go into each post and modify the html font tag to change it. Please advise. Thank you.

    I’m using the cnnesque theme and my blog is at for reference.

    Best Regards,


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  • Font size looks fine to me in Firefox Not sure what the problem is.
    Oh, BTW, just ignore whooami.

    NuclearMoose, Thank you. The font size looks o.k. now because I’ve gone in after each post and added a <font> tag to the HTML to reduce the size. I’d like to know how to set the default font to 10pt for content and comments.

    Let’s focus on the font issues – and please, everybody, stop the personal comments. Can we?

    Indie, are you by any chance copy/pasting text into your posts while using the wysiwyg editor? That might explain why the font size is not consistent with the values set in the stylesheet.

    IndieRetailer: It went a bit hot in your thread, admittedly.
    It usually doesn’t and something triggered it. Maybe some folks found you a bit stubborn, when you dismissed the proposals to wade through all that validation stuff.
    You have shown some patience with that and rightfully so, as this is a friendly community.

    Now to the theme of this thread:
    It’s a bit difficult to see what exactly is the problem, as you correct the posts.

    I think one of your problems is that you are using <font> tags in your posts. It’s perfectly valid HTML.
    But it’s not valid XHTML, which your document header says.
    This may upset some browsers.

    Styling should be done by your Stylesheet ( CSS rules ).
    Your theme includes all your posts in <div class="postcontent">, but your Stylesheet
    doesn’t set a rule for that class. Instead it sets the font-size to 12 pixels for the <body> tag.

    Then your posts uses <font size=2>.
    In other words, your font size is set in more than one place.

    My advice would be to get rid of all font tags in your posts and add a rule to your Stylesheet that says
    .postcontent{ font-size:10px;}

    As you are using <p> for paragraphs in your posts, it may be `.postcontent p{ font-size:10px;}.

    You may have to experiment with the settings.
    If you find a solution, please post it here.

    Good luck!

    Add to moshu’s question: are you by chance copy n pasting from something like Word if you’re copy n pasting at all? That would perhaps make things ten times worse….

    Thanks folks, I appreciate the input.

    Originally, I was not copy and pasting which is when I first discovered the WP was kinda doing odd things with the text. I then started copying and pasting from WordPad, but using the desired font and size hoping if any formatting was going to carry over, it would at least be as desired.

    However, I don’t think our posters are copying and pasting for their comments and those tend to be quite large.

    I have generated the Header in FrontPage in HTML for our logo image and buttons which is, I’d imagine, generating all of the XHTML errors in validation. I need that header to be consistent throughout my site and I’m not sure how to do it otherwise. Apparently, WP doesn’t like it.

    I’ll need to take some time to make the adjustments ‘petit’ is suggesting, but those seem to make sense and are within my capabilities.

    I’d still like to extend an offer to anyone who wants to take this on. I may have created more of a monster to tame myself and am willing to part with a few-hard earned to get it under control.

    Again, thanks for the help.

    Well, good luck with it. I honestly don’t have the time to take on a “tame the FrontPage monster” project, though by this time I’m very adept at it (I have one client who lives and dies by FP, and who calls me all the time to fix her problems created by FP – but who refuses to use anything else. *shrug* As long as she pays me….)

    And yes, I do believe that using FP for that logo and buttons is the culprit. I understand why it’s used, but honestly, it creates more problems than it solves.

    Tell you what, if no one can help you within the next couple of weeks, post back and say so – by the middle of the month I might have enough time to look it over and see if I can whang it into shape. I realize that’s not probably a great timeframe for you, but right now that’s the best I can do….


    Thank you very much for dropping by with your encouragement and offer. I certainly understand busy: full time job in law enforcement, wife, 5 year-old son and 2 year-old twin boys, retail business, and about a half dozen web projects….

    A couple of weeks goes by as if it didn’t happen. I don’t have a problem waiting. Fortunately, aside from the font issues in the blog, the site functions as it should and I can adjust anything that bugs otherwise. Overall, I’d rather a clean and smooth running site and would appreciate the help getting there.

    I’m not a die-hard FP guy. It’s just what I’ve learned a few years ago and stuck with it for the sake of time. This is the first project where I’ve had to mix HTML with XHTML and PHP. I have Dreamweaver MX, just haven’t had time to crack the box yet. Suppose I should make time soon.

    Thanks again.

    Okay, if a couple of weeks isn’t a problem for you, then here’s what you can do….

    Download from your site the theme folder that’s got everything in it that’s not working. Zip it, and email me (vkaryl *at* bytehaven *dot* com – replace the obfuscatory bits) how large the zip is (I’m on dialup, so we might have to consult about how to get it without my connection choking and so on).

    And I’ll look at it as soon as I can wiggle a few minutes between now and the 15th or thereabouts.

    Will do. Thanks again.

    I was going to jump in here and offer my services – but I’m glad I read through to the end of the posts! Have at it, vkaryl 🙂

    Heh – well, if I get stuck I’ll holler at you for help, how’s that?

    Thanks also, ladydelaluna, I appreciate your offer and will keep it in mind.

    🙂 sounds good to me vkaryl 🙂

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