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Change font colors

  • I want to change the font colors of the footer information and the text of the sidebar. I have figured out how to change the hover color of the links but not the actual text color itself. Any ideas?

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  • Typically the sidebar’s content will be within a #menu or #sidebar div. Assigning one of these css id’s in your stylesheet a color: #COLORVALUE; property (replacing COLORVALUE with an appropriate hex color value) should do it. If your footer is in a div or span with its own class, you can do the same here.

    For more specific help here, a link would help.

    thanks. I am just beginning the blog thing so pardon the stupidity of the questions I have posted so far. I am using the default theme for wp1.5 and now I am modifying it. I want to use a darker footer img and need to change the text. The link is

  • http://www.johnyouell.com/theblog.


sorry didn’t get the syntax right. this should work.

nope. anyway, there it is.

Basic questions, perhaps. But stupid questions? Give me a break…

Look in the theme’s style.css for the #footer id. The full declaration will look something like:

#footer {
padding: 0 0 0 1px;
margin: 0 auto;
width: 760px;
clear: both;

If you’re changing the text color to white, just add this to it:

color: #ffffff;

And don’t worry about the address not “linking”. We can copy and paste around here… :)

Hey, thanks. One more thing with text – how do I change the color of the links. For example, in the footer info “WordPress” is a different color because it is a link. All the links are the same color. How can I change their color? Help. I’m color blind 🙂

#footer a {
This would be for your standard anchor/link text.
#footer a:hover {
This handles link text when the (mouse) cursor is over it.
#footer a:active {
This is when someone selects/clicks the link text.
#footer a:visited {
This is link text for a link already bothered with.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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