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  • I want to change the font colors of the footer information and the text of the sidebar. I have figured out how to change the hover color of the links but not the actual text color itself. Any ideas?

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  • Typically the sidebar’s content will be within a #menu or #sidebar div. Assigning one of these css id’s in your stylesheet a color: #COLORVALUE; property (replacing COLORVALUE with an appropriate hex color value) should do it. If your footer is in a div or span with its own class, you can do the same here.

    For more specific help here, a link would help.

    thanks. I am just beginning the blog thing so pardon the stupidity of the questions I have posted so far. I am using the default theme for wp1.5 and now I am modifying it. I want to use a darker footer img and need to change the text. The link is



sorry didn’t get the syntax right. this should work.

nope. anyway, there it is.

Basic questions, perhaps. But stupid questions? Give me a break…

Look in the theme’s style.css for the #footer id. The full declaration will look something like:

#footer {
padding: 0 0 0 1px;
margin: 0 auto;
width: 760px;
clear: both;

If you’re changing the text color to white, just add this to it:

color: #ffffff;

And don’t worry about the address not “linking”. We can copy and paste around here… :)

Hey, thanks. One more thing with text – how do I change the color of the links. For example, in the footer info “WordPress” is a different color because it is a link. All the links are the same color. How can I change their color? Help. I’m color blind 🙂

#footer a {
This would be for your standard anchor/link text.
#footer a:hover {
This handles link text when the (mouse) cursor is over it.
#footer a:active {
This is when someone selects/clicks the link text.
#footer a:visited {
This is link text for a link already bothered with.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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