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    So I had a couple questions.

    1.) What and where would I enter code to change the color of fonts for this plugin? Can I do it for specific entries (ie. title, ticket link, showtime, etc.)?
    2.) How can I add buttons for showtimes on the event pages? They are currently only showing on the links to the page but not the page itself.
    3.) Is there a way to add buttons with links to ticket pages in veezi using this plugin? (ie. can i make buttons instead of simple hyperlinks and then copy that code so that i can use it somewhere else on the site, or even better, can i integrate this functionality directly into WordPress)
    4.) When pasting shortcodes, how can I change the link for the title or image to a custom link instead of the default event listing permalink created by the {{title|permalink}} shortcode? (I’d like to use my own page rather than a blog template.)
    5.) How is your day going? 🙂

    Thank you! Any help is much appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author Jeroen Schmit


    1.) You need to write CSS for that. You can add CSS in WordPress 4.7 by going to ‘Additional CSS’ in the Customizer.
    For example, this will make all event titles red:

    .wp_theatre_prod_title {
      color: red;

    2.) Go to Theater -> Settings -> Display and select ‘show above content’ in the ‘Events on production pages’ section.

    3.) Yes. You can use the Veezi extension for this. This extension automatically import all your Veezi events and integrates the Veezi payment screens.

    4.) You need to create an dedicated template file for this type of page. The filename should be single-wp_theatre_prod.php.

    5.) Not bad at all!

    Thank you so much for all your help! Unfortunately however, #1 did not work. The rest are great answers and the 4th I don’t actually know how to do without more info. As for the first one, I am using Mikado. Could that be overriding the CSS from being applied globally?

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    Plugin Author Jeroen Schmit


    1: I don’t know. I (or another developer) would have to have a look at your website and try out some things to see what work. It’s not something that is managed by the plugin.

    4: Again, this is about customizing your theme. Maybe you can start by copying the page.php file to single-wp_theatre_prod.php and see if that gets you what you want. If not, than a developer needs to look at it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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