• I am trying to change fonts. I have downloaded fonts for web and I see that it was downloaded correctly on my dashboard. However when I try to change the font and save my changes nothing happens.I went into appearance then editor and muddle my way through trying to figure out which CSS to change. Is it not changing because we are a small business and we have to pay for the fonts??


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  • Is this done in my style.css or by going into “Pages” and then editing. I have been at this all day and getting nowhere. If only it is as simple as it says. For some strange reason it changed my font size and color and I have been trying to get that back to original and I even see in the css it has the new font I want but the page shows the font as the old one.

    I am starting to think that these fonts are for non-commercial only. If someone could please tell me I have to pay if this is for a small business it would help alleviate much frustration. Also…please recommend a good site for buying fonts for my prose theme thankyou.

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