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  • Dear Friends,
    Please I have small issue here, I registered for my site with specific email, but actually I am receiving notifications about visitors who subscribe to my site on another e mail.
    I remember that I did this change when I started the site, but I can not reach that option again.
    Any help would be highly appreciated

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Are you referring to the Subscribe to this blog widget in your sidebar? If so, that is setup using the Jetpack plugin, so you would have to make the change in there.

    @jarretc Thank you so much

    please I want to ask about notifications for comments
    when visitors leaves comments, I want to receive e mail notification, and here is another thing when I replied to them I received e mail like I am a normal person left comment for them
    Thank you

    Hi, you can set that in Settings->Discussion in the admin dashboard of your site under the “Email me whenever” section

    @jarretc YOU are Super Hero,
    really Thank you,
    for me going through these things it is like driving spaceship

    another small thing
    * I want to change the color or font of the main post topic, how to do that
    * In the classic editors I can not find all the sizes of fonts it goes like 12/14/18 and also the fonts it self is limited, how to add more size and fonts
    * when I share my posts on face book or twitter, the image that appear in the post is that of the small thumb of the site, but sometimes appear the featured image, but most of time is image of the site not of the post.

    My Great Thanks, sorry for the long questions

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    Hi again.

    1. Do you want to change the color/font of the post title on the homepage itself or on the single post page or both?

    2. There might be another plugin out there that adds more features to the Classic Editor plugin, I’m not aware of any though that have the exact features that you’re looking for so you may want to search the plugin directory for anything that adds more features into the Classic Editor:

    3. This is typically due to something called OpenGraph that FB/Twitter/etc use to grab information from the page you are sharing to display information. If you have an SEO plugin it may already have options for this, otherwise you’ll want to find a plugin from the list here:

    Thank you for your rapid reply

    1) I want to change both

    2) I will do and find it

    3) I am downloading now and I will try it

    Thank you, I need your help regarding point 1 and also, I do not receive e mail notifications when some one write on (Contact Us)

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    please if you have time
    can you help me here

    Hi, for the font color/family add this into Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS

    .site-content .post .entry-title a, .site-content .post .entry-title {
    	color: red;
    	font-family: Tahoma;

    For the contact form delivery, it looks like you’re using Contact Form 7 based upon the source code of your site. Have you tried using their configuration validator? If you go to Contact->Contact Forms in the admin dashboard, that page may have a link at the top mentioning the validator. If not, it looks like you should be able to access it at /admin.php?page=wpcf7&action=validate with your domain listed before

    Thank you so much

    The CSS code is ok and now the posts appear in red
    how to change the color or fonts
    Is there icon or I should do it from CSS

    the other problem of the contact I can not find the validator, but any how it is not important for now

    just tell me about the color and font, and if I can do this for the specific post not all


    You should be able to change the font colors yes, which parts of the text on a post/page are you wanting to change?

    Same goes for the font-family as well. Specific posts can be targeted if you’d like.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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