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  1. marcobutz
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I have my wordpress installation running under the domain "marcobutz.de". The installation is in the root. So the firt page - the landing page - is http://www.marcobutz.de
    The further sites are named http://www.herrbutzfotografiert.de/impressum (for example) as I defined that in the wordpress installation.

    Now I want to have the landing page on herrbutzbloggt.de.
    What do I need to do?

    - Reinstallation the wordpress?
    - Can I configure my files index.html or the config.php file?

    What needs to be done? Actually I do not want to re-install wordpress, but maybe this is needed :-//


  2. Rod Whiteley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Fist thing I'd do is make herrbutzbloggt.de point to the same server directory as marcobutz.de. (I'd do this in cPanel, your web host might use something different.) Now both http://www.marcobutz.de/ and http://www.herrbutzbloggt.de/ should both go to the same WordPress installation.

    Then I'd change the URLs in the WordPress admin General Settings page so that links generated by WordPress use the new domain.

    Finally, I'd make marcobutz.de permanently redirect to herrbutzbloggt.de, perhaps with a message to users to tell them about the change.

    I haven't tested these steps, though.

  3. marcobutz
    Posted 2 years ago #


    now it's getting a little clearer, although the problem stays the same. Both domains (marcobutz.de and herrbutzfotografiert.de) are directing to the root of my server. So when I enter the page http://www.marcobutz.de there is the landingpage with the domain marcobutz.de. If I hit the site through http://www.herrbutzfotografiert.de then there is the landing page with the domain herrbutzfotografiert.
    I all seems quite ok, but when entering http://www.marcobutz.de it should be redirected to http://www.herrbutzfotografiert.
    How can I do this and is this all possible when both domains point to the root of the server? Do I need to create a folder and have there a wordpress installation running?

    Thanks for your help - really appreciated!!
    BR Marco

  4. Rod Whiteley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    For a simple redirect, I'd use my web host's cPanel to redirect the domain.

    For a redirect with a message to the user, I'd point the domain at some other directory, but it doesn't need WordPress, just an index.html file with a timed redirect in it (a <META http-equiv="refresh"... tag in the header). You could use index.php instead, as another way to do a simple redirect.

    Links like http://www.marcobutz.de/some_page, either in users' bookmarks or in other sites, may be a problem. A .htaccess file could direct them all to index.html, but I don't know exactly how to do that.

  5. marcobutz
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Rod,

    thanks, but that is exakly the problem I have: BOTH domains direkt to the root folder. Means: marcobutz.de and herrbutzfotografiert.de go to the same wordpress installation.

    If i would have an installation in a subfolder and redirect both domains to the subfolder, that i wouldnt be a problem. but having both domain pointing to the root, I have:


    And actually I would like to have just the second domain. In my webhosts c-panel I only can redirect a domain to a subfolder....

    Hope I explained the problem so you can understand.

  6. Rod Whiteley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Maybe it's because marcobutz.de is the main domain and herrbutzfotografiert.de is an addon? If that's causing the difficulty, your hosting provider could swap them to allow you to redirect marcobutz.de.

    Alternatively, I'm sure there's a solution using an .htaccess file. As I said before I don't know enough to supply any details, but I found this example.

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